Ins and Outs Post Bariatric Surgery – Top 10 Tips for Post-Surgery

There are so many unanswered questions when one is heading into weight loss surgery. I tended to freeze at the doctors office and never asked many questions. I did a lot of googling and  reached out to people I knew who had the surgery; with all the research and asking questions I felt very much alone and in the dark. One of the many emotions one goes through when you are getting ready for weight loss surgery. Here are some tips I wished I knew in advance. Keep in mind everyone is different but Read more [...]

Understanding Change? Body and Mind.

December - Day 341 of 365: I have been reading and watching social media closely lately on weight loss stories. I am came across this new body activism and body shaming causes. I have always known there has been discrimination against the overweight person; but I never new that there were body shammers out there or body activist. I had been obese all of my adult life. I was not an obese child or teenager; it wasn't until I had my first child I became overweight and then became morbidly obese in Read more [...]

An AHA moment on societies outlook with weight

Day 325 of 365: I have been working on expanding my healthy avenues and have been using Twitter in which you can follow me @healthyphat and Instagram also @healthyphat. They have been pretty successful and building up traffic. I have kept a diary of my weightless progress this year by doing a countdown. It is coming close to the end of the year and my goal was to lose 50lbs. I have exceeded this goal and have lost a total of 81lbs. So much has changed since my life change and decision to have weight Read more [...]