I have been working on expanding my healthy avenues and have been using Twitter in which you can follow me @healthyphat and Instagram also @healthyphat. They have been pretty successful and building up traffic. I have kept a diary of my weightless progress this year by doing a countdown. It is coming close to the end of the year and my goal was to lose 50lbs. I have exceeded this goal and have lost a total of 81lbs. So much has changed since my life change and decision to have weight loss surgery. I have learned how to eat again and make the correct decisions and not deprive myself of certain things. Though I was not a foodie, I drank all my calories. This is very much a struggle for me. Though I do not drink soda and have not even thought of drinking soda in 4 months; this now has become my life style. I am 8lbs away from being under 200lbs. I have not seen these kind of weight numbers in over 24 years. Yesterday I went shopping with the family as we are getting ready to do a long get-away weekend and the kids needed some new cloths. I went into Lord & Taylor, a high end store; I would never think of buying cloths from there at one time. I was looking for a particular sweater in which I did not find but I did find a very high end blouse I would have never fathom to try on because designer cloths either run small or true to size. I am 5’8 and almost weighing 300lbs at one time; me trying this blouse one would only have been a dream and a major meltdown. I tried it on in a XL and it was too big and my hubby said try on the L it should fit better. He was right and it almost brought me to tears because my insecurities still make me think I am still in a plus size. I bought the blouse and luckily it was on sale double coupon at Lord & Taylor. As I was waiting in line, I noticed the attention I was receiving from the clerks.. They were so willing to help and called me “Love” and I felt like a superstar for buying here and this expensive blouse. Then I realized that when I was here back in the summer looking and I actually bought something, I was ignored and standing around waiting for help. Made me sad because now that I have lost the weight the attention is different. I felt the same way in Torrid, I actually felt out of their norm. I was in their buying jeans as they carry down to a size 10. All the shoppers were giving me looks in line and I was wondering why? The clerk remembered me and was very gracious. Our society is very much segregated not only by race but by weight. I got to thinking. We no matter the location in the world are judgmental people. Our minds are stuck in one gear instead of expanding our minds and seeing all the wonderful things our society is capable of. The AHA moment was a rude awakening for me. My question to others is: Does how a person look matter or how they carry themselves? Is this society still based on how we look solely in order to advance in our careers or be attended in stores with kindness? I hope not. I was never a lazy person even at 300lbs, I always carried myself well. I was well dressed and well mannered and well spoken. Until the next AHA..