Getting ready for your bariatric surgery? The following are the top 10 tips everyone should know for post bariatric surgery. These 10 tips will help better understand the upcoming body changes one may encounter.

Top 10 tips

  1. After surgery when you start drinking more and eating soft foods; once you are done eating stand up and walk, this will prevent the food stuck feeling that causes discomfort.
  2. Vitamins can cause nausea, (there are other vitamin options), also eat before taking a vitamin to prevent nausea and vomiting.
  3. Your mind plays tricks on you. You will still think you have your old stomach but we don’t, there are size limitations. We are human and will test the waters. If this happens talk to yourself and remember why we had this surgery.
  4. Communication with your family is key. You will need the support more than you  think. Utilize the centers support groups. They are welcoming and understanding and things you’re going through someone else is going through the same. It is mentally therapeutic and soothing.
  5. Buy measuring bowls, they are so much easier to balance and measure your food.
  6. Don’t eat in front of the TV and try to watch TV with no commercials. The food commercials are ridiculous and could cause remorse.
  7. Calendar Book – Journal your daily experience. A couple of sentence a day. Always reflect when going through a stressful time and want to deflect to food. Read your journal from the beginning. This will bring you back to why you did this amazing life changing surgery.
  8. Air in the stomach, because our stomachs are so small almost baby like we will get air stuck when swallowing. This will give you a hungry sensation but you are not hungry you have air stuck.. Not a great feeling. But pop a gas-x strip and it will deflate the air in the tummy and take away the feeling of being hungry.
  9. Eating timer – download an eating timer. For the first month you will drink or eat 6 tiny meals a day but most often we don’t feel hungry and need to be reminded to eat. The timer keeps you on track.
  10. Protein – Make sure you are getting in your protein. Lack of protein will cause hair lost and weakness. You don’t want this to happen.