Are you really hungry?

Mind over matter

Mind over matter is extremely difficult; a daily challenge. Taste buds have changed and foods once lusted over now taste terrible. A new sensation occurs during weight loss surgery; taste buds become hyper sensitive and may be a side affect from the surgery and one’s body changing constantly. Eating solid foods maybe be a struggle at the beginning of post surgery, but one continues to attempt small bites at a time and make sure to chew thoroughly. Food textures are issues for some; being on a fourteen day liquid diet can ruin consuming smoothies or a thick liquid consistency.

This lifestyle change makes one question their own mortality and need to live life to its fullest potential and that life does not consist of eating and treating food as entertainment. Life consist of living and experiencing everything one couldn’t experience before.

How to overcome your mind telling you are HUNGRY

The brain is a trick playing organ. One fights with their own minds constantly. The countless arguments of whether one should eat the entire banana split? Eating an entire banana split is impossible as it would not fit in the small stomach. But, one may experience guilt, anxiety,  stress and much more when these thoughts cross their minds. When does the madness stop? It doesn’t, sorry to say.

The obsessions with thinking one is hungry when they are not is one of the most difficult mind over matter obstacles. Bariatric surgery is a tool, it shrinks the stomach but the brain stays the same. The brain doesn’t shrink and the censorious are not disabled. How is this possible? Well, our brain is not directly attached to the stomach. Although, that does sound like a good idea in reality the brain is attached to the head. Though, a portion or all of the ghrelin hormone is cut out during the bariatric surgery, the hormone does eventually rebuild. Hence, gaining hunger feeling again.

How do deal with your brain

How does one deal with their brain censors on hunger. How does on train their mind to be in sybc with their stomach hunger censor? A method has to be created. What works for one may not work for another. There are food triggers all over the place such as; TV commercials, billboards, conversations with friends, work lunch time and much more. How does one over come these daily temptations. It is not easy and just the thought of all these temptations are stressful, yet another trigger. Everywhere you turn you see food, your mind is spinning in chaos. Let’s stop everything for a moment and regroup.

Regroup your THOUGHTS

Regrouping is very important. Why? Regrouping brings you back to a place of peace and organization. Think of why you had the weight loss surgery. What was your purpose and reason for having the surgery? Reflect on your progress and success; are you happier now or where you happier at your max weight before bariatric surgery. Everything is easier said than done but being consistent with your program and seeking support from your peers and doctors will keep you on the right track.

Deal with fear

Fear, many bariatric peers speak about fear, the fear of gaining the weight after the honeymoon stage post surgery two years plus.  There will always be that fear and it comes from being comfortable. Just like a new relationship we get fat happy because one is in love.  In weight loss surgery, during the honeymoon period one has lost the weight, reached their goals or in the cusp of their weight goal and feel comfortable. This is when one starts cheating with food here and there and before you know it, ten pounds crept up. Ten pounds might as well be hundred pounds in their minds and then, we as humans give up.

The bariatric patient should never give up. This weight loss journey is not about giving up. Your body is your temple and you personally have invested a lot of money, emotions, and most of all your time. Time is precious, as you know we can not go back in time and change things. Why one has decided to go through weight loss surgery. To make a better life for themselves and be surround by their loved ones and live a long and prosperous lives.

Weight loss journey continues

No matter what stage you are at in your weight loss journey, it is crucial you learn to maintain or continue loosing weight. Seek help through your bariatric peers, support groups, gym or therapist. It is imperative you keep a clear mind in order to continue with your weight loss success. Do not let fear over take your life, do not allow for your mind to play trick on you. You have made it this far what is keeping you from continuing? It is up to you to seek and continue.