Your decision to save your life with bariatric surgery

“Saving my life is what matters to me.”

This is how some people may start their weight loss surgery. Most bariatric surgery candidates start considering weight loss surgery when they have hit rock bottom with their health and weight. Most will have the “AHA” moment and opt to have weight loss surgery. Some people may need to be told that they would need to change their lives and ways or they will die due to be obesity.

“Is my family supportive?”

Yes and no. Family is a sensitive topic. Many family members may be supportive because they love their family member and want to see them healthy and become successful. Others may not understand the process and fear the unknown creating a negative atmosphere and possibly attempt to sabotage the idea of weight loss surgery.

“Is my spouse supportive and understanding”

Yes, maybe and no. Your spouse in your mind has been your world for a large portion of one’s life.  This is a tough topic to think about. When deciding to do weight loss surgery the first person one consults is their spouse. Depending on the circumstances of the relationship from the beginning of time; there are many factors why the relationship exist. The typical reason is love, but what does love look like in the relationship. Why did one fall in love in the first place. Common interest, of course, but what is the common interest? Food? Maybe.

It is important to evaluate with your spouse to make sure they understand the decision and the process. The bariatric surgery process is complex and your partner should be with you the whole entire way. The unknown is scary and your partner who is not having weight loss surgery may have the wrong perception of the surgery that is about to happen.

Communication is important in order to gain full support from your partner. Some of us are great at communicating and some are not.  Support, communications and education is very important. A bond and a trust needs to be stronger and established.

Self understanding:

The most important part of this journey in  accepting your decision and why one is taking the steps to making a lifestyle change. Deciding to give up a large part of who you have been is a big deal. One has made a crucial decision to give up a large portion of their stomach.  This is a very emotional stage in one’s life when taking this step. Is one being selfish for wanting a better you? Next is having your family and friends understand what you are going through emotionally and mentally.  Accepting and forgiving yourself is the beginning of your journey.

Support Systems:

Support systems are key. Knowing who you can trust and lean on is one of the most important things one has to have in order to be successful in your weight loss journey. Make sure to see your psychologist often to help you work through the unknown and conquer the past. Support groups are another place where you can meet others who understand the weight loss journey and help answer questions of the unknown in an open forum. Build new friendships and not feel so alone during this time in your lifestyle change.  Online private support groups is another resource of support. Online is open 24 hours and members readily respond when available. There are no judgments in these supportive places. Never fear your support systems as they are there to help.

Make sure to invite your spouse, family or friend(s) to your support groups so that they understand what is going on with you and your weight loss journey. Understanding the purpose of meeting in group or attending a bariatric educational class such as “stress eating” is important.  Including your loved ones will help build a stronger bond between the patient and the support system to be.