I have to thank Lucien who happens to be my best friends son. Lucien is 12 years old and an extremely intelligent young boy.  A few weekends ago we went on our annual family vacation at their family’s farm and as we were all sitting around the porch relaxing a conversation about nutrition and my marathon training came up. This conversation drew Lucien in to listen. What 12 year old wants to hear and learn about nutrition? Well, Lucien does. His concerns are about all the chemicals and sugars that are in our food these days. What amazes him about the whole nutrition world is why would our processing companies would want to kill us and why is this acceptable?

This morning I drove him to his day camp and had an extended conversation about nutrition. I had asked him what classes he would be taking and he said a cooking class and photography. I looked over and said to him, “you don’t seem so excited.” Lucien’s response was “Eh” and we smiled and laughed. I told him cooking would be great seeing as you are so interested in nutrition and labeling. Lucien looks at me and put a little thought in to my comment and shrugged his shoulders. Well what can I expect? He is 12, but he continued our conversation about a plant base lifestyle and the food labeling industry. He was more concerned as to why these conglomerates would want to kill us with all these chemicals in our food.

As we reached our destination I got to thinking. I had just watched another documentary called “Hungry for Change” and compared this documentary to “What the Health”. The two documentaries are similar but very much different. One documentary does not blame sugar and carbs for weight gain and diseases such as diabetes, hypertension etc., their consensus in a nut shell , weight gain comes to the lack of cleanliness, infections in animals, the chemicals that are pumped into the animals and byproducts is the leading cause of weight gain and disease among human beings.  On the other hand the second documentary states clearly that sugar and salt are the enemy and compared to cocaine and such additions. They also spoke about the labeling industry and how these processing companies have hidden agendas behind the process food. Both documentaries spoke and leaned towards a plant based lifestyle. Eating naturally is the best way to go. But as I sat in the living room with my husband scratching my head and wondering how both documentaries were so different but yet so similar. This is how I viewed both documentaries. Yes being holistic is much healthier and better for you. What both documentaries state is know where you get your food from. If you are going to eat meat purchase from a local farmer, the likelihood that the meat would fill chemical filled and contaminated from infections is very little, also get fruits, veggies and any plant based food from your local farmer as they are likely not to have chemicals such as pesticides and GMO’s.

When I decided to watch these documentaries the first thing my husband said was “we are not becoming vegans”. I looked at him and raised my eyebrows and smiled. Could I go vegan? Probably not, but can I go towards a more holistic way of eating and purchasing our foods from our local farmers? Most definitely. After my husband and I finished watching the documentaries, my husbands perspective changed and considered a more natural way of eating. Our family is wanting to move forward  to a more plant based lifestyle. This makes me happy. I have young children and I have monitored their eating all of their lives and limit how much processed food they eat. My youngest has an auto-immune deficiency and her diet is a big part of taking care of her deficiency.

My son was highly impacted by Lucien and his recommendation to watch “What the Health”.  But the biggest impact Lucien made on my son was about sugar. As we go to the grocery store and looking for greek yogurt my son states to me that he will be changing his yogurt due to sugar content; as Lucien had educated him on the types of sugars. I smiled and said okay.  I am impressed not because my son sought out a better yogurt but because our children are communicating about healthy choices and the hazards and benefits of foods.

Today’s society in America is about making the fastest dollar and spending it because there is never time for anything. There is no time to cook, there is not time exercise, there is no time to just take care of one self. The conglomerates are the ones who have maximized our societies busy lifestyle. They became greedy and created convenience by fast processed food.  Don’t have time? There are at least twenty fast food restaurants on the way home with drive up windows. What is going on people? Society is so lazy that banks have automated drive-up stations and automated tellers. What happened to the times when interacting with other people was great? You knew your banker on a different professional level. They cared to hear about your kids. What about your local grocer and the butcher? They all knew us on a first name basis. Today, no one knows no one, unless you are related, working in an office or knew each other from a previous encounter. So as time begins to become obsolete so are health choices. The question is can you make the change to a better lifestyle. This action is not an all or nothing, there are second chances in our lives but do you have the will to change.

If two young boys can make the change why can we as adults. We are to be the role models for our families are we not? I would like to think so. I like to think that there is still good out there and that not everything is about greed. Lucien has inspired me but most of all my kids. Lucien, I like to think you are a role model because you always advocate for what you believe in and never give up on spreading the word. Thank you for recommending the documentary. You have made an impact on both Maddox and Peyton and our entire family.