It has been sometime since I have written in my blog. There is lots going on since meeting weight goal last year. Here are some short updates:

  • Goal weight reached in July of 2017
  • Skin surgery in December of 2017
  • Running in the Chicago Marathon in 2018
  • Life is good

I have been humbled recently. I have a very dear friend who was planning on moving out of the country when he retired this past May. Unexpectedly my friend had a stroke and I was devastated to hear the news. I did not go see him right away as there was no way to communicate with him. Today I went to go and visit him and spend some quality time with him. You really never know who your friends are until they show up. I know,  there are those who can not bare to be in a hospital or a nursing home but this is where I think of selflessness. No one is ever to busy or unwilling to put personal feelings aside or are they?

I reflected, our family lost our son almost 5 years ago and only a few “friends” showed up to the funeral. I would say about 4 friends and about 8 immediate family members. Here is what I learned through the years. Never expect anything from anyone. Selflessness is almost none existing. This is sad because as humans we should be nurturing and loving naturally. The world has become a bitter place for many. Here I am reflecting on all who have been close to me, there for me constantly and I don’t mean a FB message post either or those who ask for donations and tag you. Social media is the greater of good and bad. Good because there are those friends that live far away; bad because those that are close make no effort to have a cup of coffee together and have a great conversation. This is where my friend comes in. My biggest cheerleader, supporter and friend who avidly follows me on social media and was located only 1 mile away from me. I always made time to go see him and have great conversations about travel, technology, politics and most importantly fitness. What an amazing blessing that was to have someone who actually enjoyed being around others.

My takeaway from him was to explore the world, don’t be afraid to speak your mind, eat good and live life to the fullest. I personally have no regrets and my life changed almost 8 years ago for the best. I learned to appreciate life, I became an athlete, I learned I can pick and choose who I consider to be a close friend. I found my way back to God who has been my salvation and has lead me to recent amazing callings. I am a bill of health, I am a marathoner, a wife, a grandmother, a mother and a friend. I ask nothing in return; just sincerity. I chose to be selfless, to give and help does not hurt. To pay it forward without a thought or worry is an amazing feeling.

No I am not crazy but in life we all have choices. To be self consumed by greed and selfishness and so called lack of time or prioritize and re-evaluate your life and put things in perspective. What matters? Giving or taking? I will no longer take, I shall only ask for those in need, I shall give to those most in need, those that are strangers and need it the most, those that have nothing or no one.

I was given a second chance in life, my friend survived a hefty stroke and is fighting everyday. I will help those that need a person like me. To provide and give a caring hand and just a simple visit.

My weight loss has humbled me; all 3 surgeries I had to endure in the last 2 years. Now is the time to pay it all forward and be understanding and have an open heart. Nurture my friendships and make time to see them and have a cup of coffee and have a great laugh and go home fulfilled. This is what life should be about. Being selfless and not selfish.