Diet relationship(s)

How many of us have developed a serious relationship with Diet? I don’t know about you but for many years I had a love hate relationship with Diet. Diet and I were not always friends. Ask a matter of fact we were enemies. Lord knows every time I attempted to date Diet I would get horrible hunger pains and headaches.

Did you know that everyone handles food different internally? I didn’t know this but your liver has these genetic enzymes that help break your food down. Now there is the catch. It’s a genetic enzyme and like your metabolism it may run fast or slow. Not all food breaks down the same in everyone. We are not created equally, hence why our friend Diet may not work.

Not every food may be good for our health because depending on your liver enzymes they may or may not be able to break down the food properly. Such as eggs; your liver enzymes may not be able to break them down properly and cause you to have horrible gut pains. You might of eaten some delicious brisket which is high in fat. Your liver enzymes may be slow and will sit longer in your system than with someone who has a fast enzyme.

People with a fast liver enzyme are able to breakdown fatty foods faster and do not retain weight from their diet. As we all like to blame our metabolism for its slowness but our liver has just as much to do with the losing weight process.

What diet to choose?

Do we really need to have a specific relationship with Diet? I remember when I was in high school and all the girls were going on diets all the time and drinking diet pop so that they could fit into their prom dresses. All the while I am chowing down a hot dog and chips and would laugh and say diet? Yeah right. I am a tall beam pole. LOL I never struggled with my weight in high school nor did I think much about it either. I was pretty aimless when it came to my weight as I was always tall and slender.

Fast forward 10 years later. My obese years and I was still oblivious to diets. Then again I was oblivious I was ever fat. I just thought all moms looked like me and were. It was my environment. We were all plus size. But I got to the point I lost my breathe trying to buckle my shoes, as a matter of fact I couldn’t reach anymore. I needed one of my kids to help me. I looked in the mirror at 33 years of age and asked what the hell did I do to myself.

The following day I decided to start a diet. It was my very first relationship with Diet and oh my goodness! The damn restrictions. I don’t do well with being told what I can have and not have. I got so sick, my head was killing me and I was starving. This was not going to work. Ok, so what diet did I choose to have a relationship with? The don’t eat anything bad diet. Only salads. I was ignorant to the world of dieting and eating healthy. I had no clue what I was doing. Gave up dieting that same night and said “fuck it! I suck at this!”

What next? I started working out and doing walk away the pounds. Yup, walk I did and I started buying lean cuisines. 100% processed food. I lost a few pounds about 45 pounds during this process of me dating Diet. Then a friend introduced me to the Belly Fat Cure because I suffered from serious belly fat. I was an apple on two sticks. No joke and being very serious. Belly fat helped me loose 25 pounds on and off. This diet measured your sugar and carbs. You were only allowed so many sugars and carbs in a day. I was excited because I could actually eat a Wendy’s kids cheese burger and be with in my grams of sugars and carbs. I felt non-restrictive in this diet.

There were just a few diets I dated. But what I realized that no matter what I did; such as work out 6 days a week and eat as healthy as I thought I was, my body was not able to lose a lot of weight unless I starved myself. Well at least that is what I thought.

What changed between Diet and Myself?

Three and a half years ago I had bariatric surgery. The sleeve to be exact. After attempting for years with dieting and exercise I needed some help. But this was not easy because I had to learn a whole new way of eating. A very restrictive way of eating in a sense that I was learning to eat the proper portions not necessarily the exact foods. Looking back, my dietician always whipped out all her measuring cups every time. Yes she would go over the food chart, but it was never about the food per-se, it was more about portion control and how each month would look like. I think I stayed confused for about 6 months and barely ate anything out of fear of failing to lose weight. Me and diet were not friends at all. I always thought Diet was the enemy even after bariatric surgery.

This is what I eventually learned. Diet does not have to be specific. Also, not everyone especially me can handle a specific diet such as the “Atkins” or keto diet because my liver enzymes are slow and can not handle high fat intake for my enzymes to breakdown fast and properly. It will stay stuck and not break down fast and will cause gut fat. I can’t be 100% vegan because I have some malabsorption and would need to consume protein and vitamins in some type of form from products that my body will retain and not reject.

By NO MEANS am I saying specific diets are bad but what I am saying is that not every diet is for everyone. One needs to analyze what works and what doesn’t work. A specific diet is a lifetime commitment in order to keep the weight off. It becomes restrictive or for some becomes good habit forming lifestyle. If it works for you and you love it stick with it. If you find yourself hurting and getting sick don’t continue. Always consult your doctor or a nutritionist before making such big commitments to a specific diet.

After decades of trying to find out what works for me, I finally pinned down what works. A non-restrictive diet that does not deprive me of eating particular foods. I am not saying I eat bad foods but I know mentally that I can eat them but the question is, do I want to eat them? Sure I do, in very limited moderation. I mostly shop and cook everything for me to eat. I appreciate home cooking more than eating out. Plus it is a waste of money for me to eat out because I am full with in three bites and I am not a left overs eater.

To end this in a positive note, always evaluate yourself internally. Do you struggle losing weight even though you workout and eat what is considered to be healthy at your table. Question your choices: Do I buy a lot of processed foods? Do my foods contain chemicals my body can’t break down? Is my liver in a healthy state? These are just questions you should be asking yourself to figure out what healthy lifestyle best fits you.

As always if you need more information or help, pay a visit to your doctor, nutritionist or dietician.