The number 1 forbidden topic-Types of depression discovery after bariatric surgery

Did you suffer depression after bariatric surgery? Often considered buyers remorse but honestly it is deeper than having done bariatric surgery. Were you told you had to have bariatric surgery to save your life? Or, was bariatric surgery your personal choice to change and better yourself? The decision factor here is very important. Why you ask? Because this will decipher the success of your weight loss journey and longevity.

I knew going into bariatric surgery I would have to battle a lot of demons. Knowing the history of my past and not having a balanced upbringing. I had to learn how to survive life in many ways. Honestly, I was an oblivious person. Aimless. Most people or teen peers thought I was dumb and most people did not like me. But yet everyone thinks I am super social and an extrovert. Technically I am an extrovert in public. I have no problem talking to anyone or asking questions to a stranger. But come to my personal life I am an extreme introvert and let no one into my life with the exception of a couple people and I literally mean a couple.

Something I didn’t know was what bariatric surgery was going to bring to me. I have always been afraid of things I can not control. I need to have control of my own life and destiny. I can not handle the unexpected and most of all rejection. Bariatric surgery triggered something in my brain. In my journey of self awareness and health; a visitor appeared back in to my life. Depression. No one talks about depression. Actually, I am having a hard time dealing with it myself. To me it is embarrassing to show a weak side of myself.  Come to find out there are different types of depressions and personality disorders. I had no clue.

I have focused very hard in the last three years to help improve myself so that I do not become a burden to my family and especially my husband. Let me share some brief information about our forbidden topics of depressions.

7 facts about depression

  1. Depression doesn’t always have a “good reason”
  2. Anything can trigger depression
  3. Brain Chemistry imbalance (serotonin levels)
  4. Hormone imbalance
  5. Change of seasons
  6. Stress and Trauma (personality disorder can occur)
  7. Depression is more than ordinary sadness

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How to address your mental health

Mental health is nothing to ignore and truly nothing to be ashamed of. Although it is deep and personal for an individual we have to understand that we are affecting our loved ones.  16.7 million people suffer from some type of depression. (Healthline, 2018 We are not alone and that same time these statistics are an eye opener and sad at the same time. What is going on in our society that these numbers are so high and we live in the greatest country in the world. Shouldn’t it be life Pleasantville?

Listen to your body and make sure to ask for help. Without help there is not progress in our weight loss journey. Depression can take you down many ways. Here are some symptoms you should look out for:

  • extreme irritability over seemingly minor things
  • anxiety and restlessness
  • trouble with anger management
  • loss of interest in activities, including sex
  • fixation on the past or on things that have gone wrong
  • Chronic body pain
  • thoughts of death or suicide

For more information visit: (June, 2018: Brandi Koskie, Healthline, Facts, Statistics and You)

I have experienced all of these at one point in my world of depression. All at different times in my depressive states. It is no joke when you have such feelings. NO you are not going crazy. Your body and mind are telling you that you need help. Trust is a big issue for me,  because I am a dis-associative person, I don’t trust anyone to get the job done right nor do I ever feel anyone would understand me. How do I get past this? Well I have to practice mindfulness and self control. These two things are very hard but I have to be rational and ask myself do I want to continue suffering and bring those around me that love me down or do I want to live a happy healthy life? I chose good mental health.

What next?

Sadly there is a shortage of therapists in this country but speak to your bariatric doctor as they may have a therapist on site you can speak with. Don’t give up. There is so much to life. Making the decision to fix your obesity means that you want to fix all of you. Mind, body and soul. Just because we have been on road to weight loss does not mean it will fix all your other issues in your being. Being realistic about who you are is very important. Loving yourself and forgiving yourself are key components to weight loss success.

Lets grow and move forward together and use the hashtag #breakthestigma