Where is Jordan Hurd 1.5 years later? 660 pounds to a brand new life.

I met Jordan about a year in half ago during the awful pandemic the world is going through. He is one admirable man. I had been following him before I officially started chatting with him on Instagram. As I myself am a bariatric patient I am always curious on how my fellow peers loose weight and if they maintain their commitment to a healthier lifestyle. A bariatric decision is not a shortcut to loosing weight. In fact, many don’t know how much one has to sacrifice for this new lifestyle. Weight loss is more than just being skinny. There are a lot of factors involved when changing your old habits to a healthy lifestyle.

After our first story release on Jordan in 2020, I kept on following him on his Instagram. I am always looking for insight and motivation. I like to take bits and pieces of peoples weight loss accountability pages and create what works for me. So here is Jordan’s updates and follow up story. He is on a journey to go into the next phase of his life and get skin surgery. Let’s see what he has to say:

Q: What are some personal successes like your engagement, a job promotion

A: My biggest personal success would be getting engaged last Christmas and our upcoming wedding this September. I’ve known my fiancé since I was 6, and she is one of my biggest cheerleaders throughout my weight loss journey. Things just kind of fell into place and we’re excited to spend the rest of our lives together.

Q: How has your weight loss changed your life i.e. do people treat you differently now, do you get out more, have you been able to do some fun excursion that you never have been able to do?

A: Weight loss has done far more than change my life, it has given me a life. The life you “live” at 660 pounds is not really a life, it was more like existing and waiting to die. There haven’t really been too many excursions yet, just a couple of camping trips so far. What does amaze me, is just how easy it has become doing everyday things. Just buying groceries or doing yard work is easy now, I couldn’t handle the stress these simple activities put on my body before weight loss, so I usually didn’t even try to do them. I am thinking about trying skydiving when I hit my goal weight, it will be both a reward to myself and a yet another hurdle in my life to get me over my fear of heights.

Q: Have you reached your weight goal and if so what are you looking to do next?  Are you an athlete? Travel more?

A: I have not reached my goal weight yet. I’m nearly there with just 5 pounds to go. I’m currently 255 pounds down from the 660 when I first started my journey. I’m trying to be an athlete; I work out at least 4- 6 days most weeks. I’m planning on giving CrossFit a try, it looks so hard and completing a CrossFit workout would be a huge accomplishment for myself. I am now collaborating with 1st Phorm supplements and hopefully setting myself up to be able to help other overweight people. I feel I can help others, knowing how hard it is to be the “big guy” and wanting to make a change but not knowing how or where to start.

Q: How has your weight loss affected your mindset and overall health?

Mindset… that’s a tough one. Somedays are a real struggle. I have those days where I want a pizza and ½ gallon of ice cream all to myself. I have what I call “fat kid issues”. I still feel like I’m 660 pounds most days. Being in a crowd of people, especially if it’s people that I don’t know is hard. I feel like I’m still so big and that I’m in everyone’s way. I still worry about everything I sit in. I question the tensile strength of every chair I look at, it’s just a mental barrier that I think will take time to overcome. I think that all of us who have had weight loss success, can relate to these feelings in some way, we just need to learn how to love our bodies again and appreciate how far we have come. I don’t think there is one answer to these problems, it’s going to be different for everyone.

My overall health is great. Even before I started my weight loss journey, I didn’t have health issues. My blood pressure was never high enough to need medication. My blood sugar and cholesterol numbers were a little high but still in the normal range. I tell people that I was the healthiest fat guy they would ever meet.

Q: Skin Surgery. What are your expectation or skin removal? What parts are your body is needing skin surgery. What your struggles and concerns. What is your opinion on your insurance not covering your insurance

A: My skin removal needs to happen soon. Here is TMI. My mid-section and legs have so much skin hanging loosely that the skin rubs against my clothes and chafes to the point of bleeding somedays. My belly button is constantly rubbed raw by how tightly I need to cinch my belt to keep my jeans up. I’m hoping that the removal of all this excess skin can alleviate these daily struggles for me. I’m also hoping that having the removal surgery will help me feel at peace about what I see in the mirror. I realize that I should be proud of the progress that I have made, I am. However, the reflection I see in the mirror, is that of my 660-pound former self and again, that will take some time to overcome. Insurance not covering things like this, is total crap, in my opinion. My primary care doctor agrees that I need to get this done and the insurance company doesn’t seem to give a damn.  The things insurance will and will not pay for makes absolutely no sense to me.

Q: In conclusion what is your motivations to keep going?

A: My motivation to keep going is simply the love for life that I have now. I can’t even imagine going back to the way I was before this journey started. I don’t think that I was actually living before my weight loss journey. Today, that’s not the case; I’m happy, ridiculously happy! I have found the love of my life, I have a great family, and I have a great support system cheering me on every day.

As, you can see Jordan Hurd has come a long way in just under 2 years. Jordan is a success story and deserves to have all the happiness he has earned in life and in his journey. Loosing drastic amount of weight is not easy at all; weather you have weight loss surgery or do it naturally. It is all a mindset, commitment and determination with in. It is hard to keep the fire going hence why we need support from our family, friends and social media followers. Remember it is not about being skinny, it is about quality of life and the agility to move a freely as we can. No one wants to be trapped.

Now, the time has come where the weight has all come off and Jordan is in need of skin removal surgery. This is not a want or luxury for him, he actually needs to have the removal to better be mobile with out discomfort. Sadly his insurance does not see it as a medical need; no matter how many times he as appealed the skin removal surgery he has been declined. In his previous story Jordan stated he was declined for weight loss surgery and went to Mexico to get the surgery done.  Jordan will once again go back to Mexico with the supervision of his doctor to get skin removal surgery, but it is not quite that easy. There is the pending issue of payment for the surgery.

Let’s us help Jordan reach his next goal. Let’s get him to Mexico by donating as little as a dollar. Every penny counts. Get to know Jordan at www.instragram.com/jordanhurd and see all his progress he has done thus far. Also, there is a gofundme account to donate safely and see more of his story. Go to:  www.gofund.me/28e7fd30 Please find it in your heart to help someone and make a different in their life.



All questions where answered and written by Jordan Hurd