A drastic lifestyle change changed my life and my thought about health. Motivation and inspiration help, but determination and ambition is what keeps me going!

Join me HealthyPhat and learn about how to implement fitness and eating well with the BariLife. Learn what the BariLife is about and how to cope with different types of eating styles.  Enjoy learning about different nutritional foods that help you stay full and fulfill and meet your nutritional needs.

BariLife is not just for the person who has gone through weight loss surgery but for the person who wants to relearn how to eat properly and feel fulfilled when eating.  Here at HealthyPhat we will be reviewing different types of foods and incorporating them into our daily meals. Learn of different food options.

BariLife is more than just food it is also about fitness. HealthyPhat will share different types of exercises that a BarLife person can start incorporating at different stages of their health and weight loss.