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The following are some facts and tips on how to maintain your weight loss. Realign yourself if there has been some type of weight gain during your weight loss journey. AVERAGE WEIGHT REGAIN About half of all patients regain weight after two years Average regain is about eight percent after reaching lowest point Total ten year [...]

Food addiction and bariatric patients

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What is food addiction? What is food addiction? Is food considered a real addiction? The answer is yes. Food addiction is very much a real disorder.  Here is the definition of food addictions: Scientifically, food addiction is a cluster of chemical dependencies on specific foods or food in general; after the ingestion of high palatable foods such as sugar, excess fat and/or salt the [...]

Top 10 Tips for Post Bariatric Surgery

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Getting ready for your bariatric surgery? The following are the top 10 tips everyone should know for post bariatric surgery. These 10 tips will help better understand the upcoming body changes one may encounter. Top 10 tips After surgery when you start drinking more and eating soft foods; once you are done eating stand up and [...]

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