From Obese to a Marathon Runner

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June 22, 2017 marked a very important moment in my life. I got slapped with an AHA moment. When I was younger I was a big dreamer. I wanted to be an artist and a professional runner, instead I became a business women by profession.  My mother said I was crazy for wanting to be an [...]

Bariatric surgery and family support

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Your decision to save your life with bariatric surgery "Saving my life is what matters to me." This is how some people may start their weight loss surgery. Most bariatric surgery candidates start considering weight loss surgery when they have hit rock bottom with their health and weight. Most will have the "AHA" moment and opt [...]

Battling your mind over food

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Are you really hungry? Mind over matter Mind over matter is extremely difficult; a daily challenge. Taste buds have changed and foods once lusted over now taste terrible. A new sensation occurs during weight loss surgery; taste buds become hyper sensitive and may be a side affect from the surgery and one's body changing constantly. Eating [...]

Fitness lifestyle after bariatric surgery

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Some of us are very anxious to start working out and some of us don't know where to begin. We just under went serious surgery but the doctors expect us to be active right away. Walking is the key word when beginning your weight-loss surgery.  Here are some useful tips: POST SURGERY WORKOUT Work out a [...]

Drastic weightloss and your gallbladder

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There are a series of medial checks that have to be conducted before going into weight-loss surgery. There many factors the surgeon has to take into consideration before conducting weight-loss surgery. It took me almost two months to complete all of my medical requirements. Stressful and time consuming but all so worth it at the end. [...]

Top 10 Tips for Post Bariatric Surgery

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Getting ready for your bariatric surgery? The following are the top 10 tips everyone should know for post bariatric surgery. These 10 tips will help better understand the upcoming body changes one may encounter. Top 10 tips After surgery when you start drinking more and eating soft foods; once you are done eating stand up and [...]

Understanding Change? Body and Mind.

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December - Day 341 of 365: I have been reading and watching social media closely lately on weight loss stories. I am came across this new body activism and body shaming causes. I have always known there has been discrimination against the overweight person; but I never new that there were body shammers out there or [...]

An AHA moment on societies outlook with weight

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I have been working on expanding my healthy avenues and have been using Twitter in which you can follow me @healthyphat and Instagram also @healthyphat. They have been pretty successful and building up traffic. I have kept a diary of my weightless progress this year by doing a countdown. It is coming close to the end [...]

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